Flatbed trucking companies provide the backbone for the heavy-duty loads transport

Flatbed trucking companies

Clients hire flatbed trucking providers to dispatch unique loads that cannot fit into closed trailers like bulky equipment and construction machines safely. Flatbed shipping providers tooled up with a vast fleet of specialized and versatile trucks that load and offload from the back, top or sideways. They can deliver objects with stevedoring, loading and unloading difficulties using a typical dock and bay. You can contract for delivery directly to manufacturing plant, construction site or other specialty drops like solar panels.

Flatbed trailers handle oversized objects, with extreme width and height armed with control vehicles, equipment, lights, alerts, routes, and compliance with laws on this line of transport. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has promulgated a comprehensive legal and policy framework governing flatbed freight. A seasoned flatbed shipper facilitates compliance for safety and risk mitigation while keeping penalties or fines at bay.

Flatbed providers ahead of the curve merge specialized fleet trailers with a pool of rigorously trained and tested operators to keep transport at full tilt. They offer world-wide geographic reach with a mode best-suited for you and integrate advanced technologies such as load tracking or real-time data. Behemoth flatbed companies in the US with a generous capacity of tailored heavy-duty carriers render full-service logistical solutions with multi-tier operations across North America.

Fast-Growing & Most Lucrative Niche In Trucking

The soaring demand for flatbed trucking services stems from:

  • Abundance of cargo
  • Decreased costs of maintenance
  • Diminished downtime
  • Decrease in insurance requirements
  • Less dead-heading
  • Cutting edge technologies and top-end equipment for maximized supply chain efficiency

You can repose your trust in a tested and tried flatbed shipper for over-the-road, irregular route and super-massive cargo haulage. They have drop-deck, flatbed and curtain-side trailers with the newest technology and safety to beat out customized solutions attuned to your unique freight requirements.