Electric Powered Fleets Revolutionizing the Trucking Industry

Heavy-duty electric powered fleets offer fuel-efficiency up to three times better than diesel, reduced noise and an enormous improvement in horsepower. The future fleets will render diesel vehicles obsolete as they also accelerate or brake faster while weighing pounds less than conventional haulers. The rise of electric trucks has edged closer to market launch because it’s easier to electrify a big automobile than a small car. Trucks do not encounter the energy and power constraints posed by the use of batteries. Thus, they outclass diesel with more power and miles range without the large oil-burning mill.

The new trucks rely on innovative battery technology that replaces the conventional drive train with an electrically-powered rear axle supported by electric motors. The power comes from a heavy pack of more than one lithium-ion batteries. Manufacturers achieve between 10 to 15 miles/gallon by tapping aerodynamics, lighter truck weight, and regenerative braking. As diesel engines get phased out in the truck industry, plug-in and clean electric trucking technology will take the market by surprise. Electric vehicles provide a better alternative in the midst of the push by regulators for more efficiency, decreased fuel uptake, and low emissions to the environment.

A bevy of automakers has pumped billions of dollars into electric trucks across the globe proving the technology has more rewards beyond fuel savings. Electric-driven trucks have significantly low maintenance costs and onboard batteries that permit flexibility to attune and optimize numerous applications. Prices will take a nosedive in future as the electric technology advances. The cost-saving benefits will resonate with more and more operators.

Truck manufacturers will compete for the market share through innovative and highly developed solutions. Electric powered fleets depend on battery technology as to increase range and cut back charge times concurrently. Not much water will have passed under the bridge before the noise-and-emission free heavy duty trucks out-crowd diesel ones.

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