Defensive Driving Tips

Many of us know that Defensive Driving is a good thing. It helps save money, helps educate drivers and reduces points on your license. What most people do not know is what makes up defensive driving, what is the agenda of the training, how long does it take and how much does it cost.

Hopefully this article will help answer some of your questions.

Defensive driving is defined as the teaching of safety technique used when operating a vehicle beyond the rules of the road and basic mechanics of driving. Defensive Driving does not aim to teach what a green light or the different signs on the road mean. Its goal is to teach students how to handle a situation when someone else runs a red light or ignores a stop sign. It is expected that a student of defensive driving already knows the rules but wants to now learn how to anticipate dangerous situations or mistakes by others on the road.

Agenda’s for defensive driving courses vary depending on where you take the class, but they all basically go over the same topics. They will traditionally have some form of instructor led training which covers topics such as how to drive safely as an offensive and defensive driver, effects of impaired driving and inclement weather driving. Some will have movies to watch showing the results of bad driving containing interviews of families who have lost loved ones to a driving collision. After the training, all defensive driving courses will provide the student’s with a test. The results of this test will show if the student earns the credit or not for passing the course. Many people take the defensive driving course and plan to just simply sleep through the course to get the benefits of it. The test at the end is very specific to lessons taught in the materials provided thereby making it necessary to pay attention to what knowledge is being shared.

Classrooms: Duration and Price

Traditional instructor led classrooms can run anywhere from 5 to 8 hours, there are longer defensive driving courses out there, but typically they should last about one full work day. A popular alternative to the classroom is the virtual classroom. With the popularity of the web, more and more states and private organizations are creating web classes. These online courses allow you to read thru the course material at your own pace over a greater period of time. This allows more flexibility for those who want to take the course, but can not take a day off from work to do it. Not all websites are valid or accepted by each state or insurance carrier, so when selecting a virtual defensive driving course, be sure to look for credentials and find out if your state is supported.

Randomly selecting state recognized places to take a defensive driving course both online and in a classroom, the prices ranged from $25 to $85 which averages out to be $55 to take the course. Keeping in mind the benefits of defensive driving, the fee is very reasonable by comparison.

Hopefully this article has helped you find the information you need about what defensive driving is all about so that you can sign up to today and learn the life saving lessons that they are there to provide.

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