Commercial Driver License (CDL) |Lucrative Opportunities, Minimal Training & Assured Job Security

Enrolling to a commercial driver license (CDL) specializing in instructional program or course prepares you for a career in the US trucking industry. Accredited CDL instructional programs confer licenses that allow you to get behind the wheel of a tractor trailer and rise up the ladder to the highest remuneration packages.

  • Guaranteed Job Security

Transportation of goods lies at the heart of the economy making commercial vehicle drivers a rare gem in the industry. Drivers qualify for Class A, Class B, and Class C licenses that unlock opportunities such as a bus, truck or dump truck driver. Positions that demand CDL certification recruit drivers on a long-term basis.

  • Well-Paid Drivers

Armed with a CDL license, you optimize your earning ability as the demand for niche truck driving skills set continues to surge. With millions of Americans hounded by college loans, the low-cost investment of a CDL training welcomes you to class with your bottom dollar. You bring home the bacon without remitting training costs, and most driving positions have a generous basic salary. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, tractor-trailer drivers raked in $41,340 annually and $19.87 per hour in 2016. With a few years of experience under the belt, truck drivers take home more than $50,000.

  • Leeway for Advancement

The trucking industry provides a wealth of opportunities to rise up the ranks steadily in terms of compensation. Specialized freight like HazMat and double/triple trailers can earn up to $100,000 per year.

  • Job Flexibility

If you’re ensconced on the driver’s seat, you get to explore the vast country you live in. Adventurists can feast on breathtaking landscape, turquoise oceans and attraction sites scattered all over America. CDL licensed drivers work without supervision, contract on part-time basis, and work as independent contractors.

  • Result-oriented Training

Some truck driving programs provide financial support and post-training job placement, thus, it takes a couple of shakes to find your feet in the job. With a bevy of truck driving schools near me, you can find lower up-front expenditure.